Interview with Maria Bernad

I know that you opened your own vintage shop Les Fleurs, could you please share with us some interesting stories about it?

The project started with my mother because both of us love vintage, it started as a hobby and now we are going to release our own collection.


How can you describe your style, like daily uniform?

I think the key is to be feminine and masculine at the same time and also mix contemporary pieces with vintage pieces.



What’s your favorite thing in the wardrobe right now?

A white dress from my mother from when she was young.


What do you always carry in your bag?

Sunglasses, my agenda, a small perfume and if I have space, a pocketbook.


What’s your favorite Instagram profile?

IG profiles from magazines or inspirational mood boards. For example, @sculpting__in__time, @maggieontherocks, @c_l_o y, @oraclefoxjournal or @__S___O . 



Do you a muse? Who does inspire you the most?

I get inspiration from actresses, movie characters, or even art pieces from the past.


What was your dream job in the childhood? What have you been dreaming about as a child?

I wanted to be an archeologist because I was really interested in Egypt and Greece’s history. Later on, I thought of studying Fine Arts to become an artist.


What is the most important in your life?



What a superpower you'd like to have?

Travel in time.


What new things would you like to learn?

I would like to learn so many things I don’t think I have enough time in my life. But, I would love to learn more languages and more about art, architecture, and sculpture.


If you had a time-travel machine, what epoch or event would you choose in the past?

17th or 18th century. I think in this time fashion has been the strongest as a concept.


What’s your favorite city?

Any village from the French Brittany.


What song could be a soundtrack for your life?

Friday I’m In Love - The Cure