About us

Ellipsee is a creative studio with a focus on handcrafted jewelry founded in 2015 by artist and designer Sabina and her partner Anton. Seeking to create durable jewelry that goes above a-season life, I drew my inspiration from urban spaces.

Architecture is one of the most durable art forms, while fashion has a completely different relationship with time — seasonal color, material and style fads. Therefore in this collection, I decided to come back to the basics, to fundamental forms of a solid core.

To me, jewelry is both design and art, with the design being the comfort and art resembling the beauty. The utmost challenge was to find the perfect balance between color and form, material and texture, comfort and aesthetics. Materials quality mattered as much as jewelry is connected to our bodily perception of it. I wanted to create authentic and original pieces that will emphasize individuality and personal style.



Ukraine, Kyiv
Institutska 16, apt. 18